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          1. News



            2020 Globe Partner Conference

            5 JAN., 2020 / HANGZHOU
            Anrei & Sinolinks Go far go together


            On January 5, 2020, Anrei Medical Group held the "Anrei Medical Group Global Partner Conference" in Hangzhou, known as "Heaven on Earth". The conference invited the global agents of Anrei Medical Group, overseas major customers, suppliers, etc. to get together. The conference also invited industry experts to share the latest information with us. With "WE" as the theme, I hope to be able to go with your partners Go Far Go Together!

            Wish Anrei Medical Group a big sale in 2020!
            Anrei Medical Group Global Partner Conference is not only a conference of cooperation and exchange, but also a conference that looks forward to the future together with customers at home and abroad.
            Anrei Medical Group, as a leader in the medical and surgical medical equipment industry, our goal is to serve global patients more economically and better, and to achieve the internationalization and import substitution of medical equipment, and to the world! I am also very grateful to CBC Capital for its high support to us. In 2020, we will be better.